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Agnes Cecile Edition limitée !

12 septembre 2018 1 min de lecture

Signed, Embossed and Numbered
Edition of just 25 prints


These beautiful 17" x 24" inch pieces were carefully hand finished by the Artist during her visit to our Studio in June 2018 to create a piece as unique and special as the original itself



"A paint from many years ago, one of the first where iexperimentedthedoubleexpositioninpainting.

The story behind “loss” is the story behind a very common dynamic: something destabilizing happened, you get lost, and you need to escape, to fly away.

In this special edition a flock of red birds crosses the paint, disappearing and appearing among light brush strokes that play with the original ones. A gentle flight against a fading horizon.

“Loss” is one of my most dreamy and evocative watercolors, one that means a lot to me. "


 Agnes Cecile

Agnes Cecile


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